Pricing Guide? Sales figures Dec 2019

Hi all!

I visitor to my site recently asked me about the value of his box.  I referred him to this area of the site that talks about box valuation…  

However, this got me thinking about perhaps providing a “Price Guide” on the site as a reference for the valuation of the Lane miniature boxes.

I don’t have time here to go into what may be involved in that project but I thought it would be interesting to report the very unofficial and un-scientific results of Lane miniature box sales that took place in the past month on ebay.

Keep in mind, I have reported in the past that e-bay usually has around 300 boxes up for auction/sale at any given time.  In the last 30 days or so, I was surprised to find there were 116 boxes sold!  This may be due to it being December and Christmas gift purchasing season?

72% were Short boxes including Girl Graduate Plan boxes and Post-GGP boxes

22% were Tall boxes

The remaining 6% were TFF and SB and SR

The average price paid for a Short box was $16.86 not including shipping and the average price for a Tall box was $15.36.

The most paid was around $57.00 and the least was $1 – again no shipping included.

There wasn’t any rhyme or reason for the purchase prices that I could tell – new, old, GGP or not, Tall, Short…it just doesn’t matter too much.

Something to think about…any suggestions?

I’ll visit this topic again soon.







One thought on “Pricing Guide? Sales figures Dec 2019

  1. Chad:
    I don’t really have any suggestions for a price guide other than anecdotally-generated categories. For example, you are finding them on ebay in the 15 dollar range; whereas I have found all of mine in thrift stores between 2 and 6 dollars. At 15 to 27 million they aren’t rare and shouldn’t cost much. I do believe, however, that the 3 conditions for buying anything still applies: price = rarity + demand + condition. I would expect an excellent tall box from the 30’s to fetch more than a 1980’s short box. But how much more? Who knows. That’s where demand comes in I guess.
    Thanks for reading, John.


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