Oldest documented box so far!

Hi all!

This box is up for sale on e-bay right now…


This is a standard Tall Hasp with Feet box.  However, found on the bottom is this…


And also this label – which I’ve numbered as 2.1 on my website, http://www.lanecedarbox.com.


I googled Burcie Rains and found she was born in 1910 and died in 1987 and is buried 14 miles from where this box is currently.  In 1929 she would have been 18 years old and graduating from high school.  I was also able to find that Nancy Fiscus was Burcie and Herbert Fiscus’ daughter and in 1945 she would have been 10 yrs. old.  Perhaps Burcie gave the box to her daughter?

Everything lines up for this box to be distributed as part of the Lane Girl Graduate Plan in 1929.  This is the earliest date I have been able to attribute to ANY box!  And, I now have a date for the label as well!  Very cool!

I have a bid in on the box…one I may need to have for the collection.

Stay safe!



4 thoughts on “Oldest documented box so far!

  1. I haven’t been here in a while and you have added so much!
    Did you win the box on eBay?

    When I was in High School in the 1960s I envied the Senior Girls who were getting their boxes.
    I moved, changes schools and didn’t think about the boxes until I was a Senior and got the certificate to get one. I went to the furniture store and they were out of them, so the manager had me write my name and phone number on the certificate and he said they would call me when more came in. I never got a call!
    Years later I started garage salting and found a box! I was flooded with memories and was hooked. I found a couple more and then at a Swap Meet I found 2! I also go to Thrift stores and with the clearing out and downsizing trend, more and more are showing up…
    I now have 2 dozen boxes (that doesn’t sound like as many as 24 boxes, does it?) and will keep looking for more! They are stacked on bookshelves in my bedroom and i love looking at them. I have 1 key!
    Now I need to research and catalogue them (I wish i had kept track of when & where I got each one—I will start now) and I plan to use your website to help do that.
    My husband long ago stopped asking if I had enough boxes!
    My son-in-law thought I was collecting full-sized cedar chests and wanted to know where I was going to put them!

    Thank you for an easy to navigate, informative site and good hunting!


    • Hey, another collector! How exciting! Do you have any different sizes in your collection yet?
      At this point I am very interested in the numbers stamped on the bottoms of Tall, Short Beveled and Short Rounded boxes because I am building a data base to use in my theory that they are a hint of date of mfg.
      I “won” the box and it’s on its way! I will report on the blog if I find anything more when it arrives later this week.
      Glad to hear I’m not the only one collecting them!
      Happy hunting and stay safe!


      • Hi Chad,
        I have tall, short rounded and 3 with pictures on the lids.
        I do have a box with a number stamped on the bottom!
        It is a 9″x 4″ box And has recessed felt feet.
        It has this Logo:
        Single Line
        Cedar Chests
        Altavista, Va
        Presented by

        It is from St. Paul, Minnesota
        It has the Label with the $5 price tag on the bottom (Lower left hand label!)
        The number is 4521
        Hope this helps!
        I am learning a lot from, your website!


  2. Great info and it lines right up with my theory. I am interpreting this number as Dec 54. I have documented many other tall boxes with the same markings. I’ve documented over 60 boxes so far and all of the numbers read backwards fit my hypothesis. Thanks for the information. Let me know what else you find!


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