Oldest Documented Box Follow-up

Hi all!

I was the only bidder on the 1929 Tall Hasp box with Feet (THF) discussed in my last post and it has been added to the collection.  Unfortunately there isn’t anything juicy to report about the box having inspected it carefully.  It’s just like the other THF’s I’ve seen.

I thought I would take this opportunity to revisit the Large Hasp box with Feet (LHF) that I believe pre-dates our 1929 box by a couple of years although this has never been documented.

This is a picture of the joints of the two boxes.  The smaller THF is inside the LHF in the photo…


Do you see how these corner joints are the same?  Pretty simple rabbet joints.  Now this next picture shows a Short box from the 1970’s made in the Lane factory next to the LHF box…


These joints are NOT the same at all.  To me, as I have said in the past, these two photos make two very strong arguments.  One, all boxes with Hasps instead of integrated locks were NOT made in Altavista, VA but by either the Peterson Brothers in Chicago or Pilliod in Ohio – both of which use the joinery in the first photo and not the joinery used by Lane in Altavista.   By the way, Chicago and Swanton, Ohio are very close to each other – closer than you might imagine.  Swanton is  just over 200 miles due east of Chicago.  And, two, this is strong evidence to me that the two boxes in the first photo were made by the same company – Peterson Brothers in Chicago.  The diamond Lane logo on the bottom of LHF is just too “akin” to the Peterson Brothers logo and also of the Duncan logo made in the same building.  I discussed these logos in a previous post…August 14, 2017.  Holy cow, I have been doing this blog for over 5 years!

I also have a strong belief that the Tall Box with Bun Feet (THBF) was made by Pilliod in Swanton, OH because it is a bit more ornate with its routed lid and round feet. Other Pilliod boxes seem a bit more refined than most Peterson Brothers boxes I’ve seen.  But again, this is just a guess. You can search for THBF in this blog for more information about these boxes or check out my website…www.lanecedarbox.com.

Stay safe in these crazy times.


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