2nd Jewelry Box Found

Hi all!

While doing “research” on ebay recently, I found a Lane jewelry box very similar to one I found back a few years ago.  Although this second box looked identical to the one I have, the size was described as slightly different.  Given I’ve only seen two of these ever, I figured I had to have both.

The box arrived today and other than the first one being yellowed with age, they are identical.  On the lower edge of the one on the right I can see the original color that matches the other box.  Here’s a couple of pictures of them next to each other…



The box on the left is the newer one to me and is in much better shape.  And, yes, this is my side table made of pennies.

My speculation about these boxes is that they were a limited run or perhaps prototypes that were given as gifts or sold to Lane employees.  I guess prototypes aren’t likely made in multiples…so more likely a limited experimental run?  They obviously were not widely distributed and my hypothesis is based in part on the fact that one of the boxes was found in Virginia  – close to the home of Lane.

Please check out my July 12, 2018 blog post that describes the Short Jewelry Box (SJB) in more detail.  Also, you can see more discussion about this box on my companion website to this blog…www.lanecedarbox.com.

Exciting stuff…thanks for checking in!

What do you think the story is with these little jewelry boxes?

Stay safe!


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