Limited Run Lane Mahogany Jewelry Box

Hi all!

I thought I had posted about this box before but as I reviewed this blog, I noticed for some reason I never got around writing this up!

While visiting Altavista, VA – the home of Lane – I met with several former employees and a couple of them showed me their mahogany jewelry boxes.  I was amazed!  The little boxes look great in mahogany and they were really shined-up and beautiful!  I took some photos of the boxes while I was there but I never said anything more about it here.  A few months ago, Virginia (yes, that’s her name), one of my new friends in Altavista, sent me her mahogany box as a gift.   Let’s just say she knows I really appreciate the gesture and will take good care of the special box.  Thank you Virginia!

OK, enough talking…here she is…





The box is the same size as other Short boxes.  There are brass handles attached to the sides.  No lockset at all.  Typical hinges for Tall and Short boxes.  In the second photo above, the mirror is turned around – it was loose and I haven’t re-glued it.  In the last photo, you can see the mirror installed and the little brown compartmentalized felt jewelry tray with ring holders to the right.  The brass plate on the top is not inscribed.  And here’s something interesting – no Lane markings of any kind!

So what’s the deal with this unique version of our boxes?  I have it on very good authority from those friends in Altavista that this box represents a very limited run of boxes – likely way less than 100 – that never made it to market.  It is believed these little gems were either sold or more likely given to employees as gifts.

Remember, in the later years of the miniature department at Lane (1980-90’s), the company was doing everything they could to find a market for the little boxes and keep the department viable.  This box is one example of those efforts.  Other examples are the boxes with tops printed with graphics and paintings.

Something to consider…In my last post, I mentioned the large mystery box had no markings and this is one reason given for it not being attributed to Lane.  However, this box is absolutely attributed to Lane and it doesn’t have any markings either.

Pretty cool little box, huh?

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