New OLD bottom label recognized 1.25

Hi all!

It has been a while, huh?  I’ve got a couple of posts for you – need to catch up.  Let’s start with this easy one.

I recently noticed the label on a newly acquired Tall Hasp with Feet THF box like this one…

Unique box

had a slightly different label on the bottom.  As I looked closer at my collection of THF boxes, I noticed those that all that still have their labels have this label…


I have designated this label as 1.25 – with a nice bonus of a date included!  Notice this label starts with the word “Because” and the paragraph is NOT indented.  On this label the word “catalog” is almost to the end of the last line of the paragraph.

This is label 1.2…


This label (1.2) looks very similar to 1.25 but the paragraph is indented and the font on “Please Remember” and “THE LANE COMPANY” is fatter.

This may prove to be an important distinction moving forward.  I need to keep a close eye on the labels of THF boxes in comparison to those on THBF boxes to see if a pattern develops.  Is 1.25 exclusively on THF and 1.2 on THBF?  I’ll be checking closer in the future.  I just never noticed the indented paragraph before.

If you want more information about these boxes and the labels, please visit my website…

I’ll try to get another post off real soon.

Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “New OLD bottom label recognized 1.25

  1. Hi, i believe I have a 9″ SB lane cedar mini it was presented by schmidt furniture -Spencer (iowa)
    stamped 561, just wanted to let you know . It was my Dads


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