Doll clothing by Totsy and Lane box

Hi all!

Yep, doing more “research” on ebay over the weekend since it’s blazing hot outside here in AZ.

I found a Lane box in its original box full of doll clothing.  Here’s that one…


I did some more searching and found another…


As most of you know, the Lane Girl Graduation Plan was in its final years in the late 1980’s and Lane was doing everything they could think of to keep the Miniatures factory in Altavista, VA viable.  I believe these boxes full of doll clothing were sold around 1990-1991.

If I am reading this correctly, I believe Lane entered into an agreement with Totsy Mfg (Hong Kong) who likely had a deal with Sears to promote doll clothing in a pine box.  The doll clothing was made to fit Barbie-sized dolls including Ms. Flair that was distributed by Totsy/Sears.

I haven’t concentrated on the post-Girl Graduation Plan boxes but I guess they are all part of the story of our cool little boxes.  Given there isn’t anything special about the boxes – they are pretty much blank on top – I won’t be adding anything to my website… about these boxes.

Since I have still yet to find anyone else that is chronically these Lane boxes, I will continue to add whatever I find here for those that may be interested.

By the way, the ebay posting for the first box shown above was selling for around $85.00.

Take it easy and stay safe!


3 thoughts on “Doll clothing by Totsy and Lane box

  1. I have one of these – no doll clothes, but it’s the same yellow wood, exact same size but no markings. Not nearly as charming as the cedar 🙂


  2. Very sweet article on Lane & Totsy. I’ve never seen anything like that, but will look around to see what I can find for little Midge. Her Birthday is coming up on New Year’s Eve. Thanks, Chad, for sharing your fun hobby!


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