BIG label found on a THF and box repair and refresh

Hi all!

I found a old-style THF (Tall hasp with feet) on e-bay that appeared to be in very poor shape but it had a very unique label on the bottom that I thought I better get a closer look at. I’m just going to show below a bunch of photos of before and after my repairs and refreshing.

What I did:

Removed the hinges that had been removed and installed on the inside of the lid

Repaired the cracks in the box and lid and filled the mortises carved when the hinges were removed

Filled the holes where all the nails had been driven

Reinstalled the hinges correctly

Cleaned the box with Simple Green and Krud Kutter and then waxed the finish – all in an effort to keep the original color and some of the “patina”

Re-built a broken foot

This box is about 90 years old and it looks great now…”before” pictures first and then “afters” along with the unique label.

Enjoy and thanks for tuning in! Check out my website at!


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0515.jpg
Finish badly damaged and stained
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0516.jpg

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_0514.jpg
Hinges removed from exterior (original) and re-installed
Front of box after refreshed finish
Back after hinges re-installed correctly
Giant label probably installed by the retailer
Front of box “after”

4 thoughts on “BIG label found on a THF and box repair and refresh

  1. ChadI have been following your post for a while. Thank you for sharing your discoveries. I have been collecting lane boxes for years and share a similar interest.   Yesterday while at an antique mall I came across a box I had not seen before and caught my interest. The price was 19.50 which is more than I would typically pay for one but sine the store was permanently closing they had a 70% off sale and 5.85 was a great price. I was looking for the info on this one one your site and it seems to be similar the LHF but the dimension are different and it has more of a beveled top. Seems unique and thought you might be interested in the details. Here are the details It has a haspFeet are missingTop is beveledLength 9 1/16Width 3 13/16Height 3 5/8 w/o feetNo logo in lidLarge logo on bottom Not sure if this a new type for you or not. I’m interested in your thoughts Kevin Feltz

    Kevin Feltz


    • Kevin,
      It sounds like what I call a Tall Hasp with Feet (THF) except wider? seen here… Your message got a little jumbled but I think you are saying there is a large Lane logo on the bottom? I’ve never seen a Lane logo on the bottom of a box with a hasp. What is the corner joinery? Is the top beveled like on the Short Beveled box or more rounded? I’m very intrigued. Do you have the ability to send a photo? My e-mail is If you can text the photo from your phone, send me an e-mail and I will send you my phone number. VERY interesting! Please, let me get a look at it!


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