New box style! Not click-bate! I’m calling it LARGE ROUNDED (LR).

Hi all!

It has been months since I have anything really interesting to talk about…until now!

I found this box on ebay and have had it for about a week and have delayed this long to post about it to get my thoughts together. Honestly the time didn’t help…I have no idea what to think about this new variation. So, let’s get into it…

The new box in the above photo is on the bottom. The box on top is a typical Tall box so you can see why I’m calling it Large Rounded. “Rounded” because all of the corners are rounded pretty much like a Tall box. Oh, and it’s mahogany! And it gets even more confusing…it has a small escutcheon…

Large inset felt pads and and old-timey logo (like those found on hasped boxes) on the bottom.

It also has a screwed-in lockset and a felt covered cardboard insert.

I am going to say this box was NOT distributed by Lane as part of the Girl Graduate Plan for several reasons. This box has no retailer stamp and is the only one every seen by me so it was definitely not widely (or even narrowly) distributed. Given Lane was known for cedar chests and this is mahogany…it really wouldn’t tell the story of the full-sized cedar chests. Keep in mind, I have been researching, investigating and searching for miniature cedar boxes for well over 6 years now and this is the first time I have seen this version…can you say rare?

The fact that this box is mahogany tells me it may be some type of experiment or prototype made by Lane. At the very least, it was a very limited run. I do have another mahogany box that I know for certain was a prototype but it is modeled after a short box and was likely made in the 1980’s. This new box’s large size is really a mystery. Was this a prototype for a humidor? Who knows?

The small escutcheon and the screwed-in lock set are from the late 1950’s or earlier. And, the logo on the bottom is really only found on hasped boxes from before 1940. The only other time this simple logo shows up is on the bottom of the Short Jewelry Box which was also made of mahogany but was painted creamy off-white. Here that is… And this logo is much bigger…

Unfortunately this new box variation doesn’t fill in any gaps or answer any questions for me about chronology but is sure is exciting. The finish isn’t perfect and I sure would like to re-finish it but I’ll hold off on that for now. I will be adding this new Large Rounded box to my website in the coming days. By the way, my website, has had over 6,000 individual visits since it was launched in April of 2018.

What do you think about this new find? I’m open to suggestions.

Until next time,


One thought on “New box style! Not click-bate! I’m calling it LARGE ROUNDED (LR).

  1. Another interesting find. I sent you this email in October and did not get a response. Am interested in your thoughts.

    I have been following your post for a while. Thank you for sharing your discoveries. I have been collecting lane boxes for years and share a similar interest.

    Yesterday while at an antique mall I came across a box I had not seen before and caught my interest. The price was 19.50 which is more than I would typically pay for one but sine the store was permanently closing they had a 70% off sale and 5.85 was a great price. I was looking for the info on this one one your site and it seems to be similar the LHF but the dimension are different and it has more of a beveled top. Seems unique and thought you might be interested in the details. Here are the details
    It has a hasp
    Feet are missing
    Top is beveled
    Length 9 1/16
    Width 3 13/16
    Height 3 5/8 w/o feet
    No logo in lid
    Large logo on bottom

    Not sure if this a new type for you or not. I’m interested in your thoughts

    Kevin Feltz

    Pictures were included in the original email.


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