Earliest date yet! Dating the LHF, 1923!

Hi all!

To get up to speed on my thoughts and hypothesis about Large Hasp with Feet boxes, you can search this blog for posting related to “LHF.”

This is a LHF…under a normal short box.

I was recently contacted by a fellow Lane box enthusiast, Greg, who purchased a LHF for $1.00 at a garage sale near Cincinnati, OH. This is only the third LHF box I have seen and I own the other two. Greg’s box is identical to the others I own. For more information about the features of LHF boxes, check out my website…www.lanecedarbox.com.

The great news is that Greg was able to “interview” a grandchild of the original owner of the box. The original owner of the box was born in 1905 and, therefore, she would have graduated right around 1923 which is consistent with my hypothesis that these LHF boxes were the original boxes made for Lane by Peterson Brothers Mfg. in Chicago. Again, for more about the link to this company, you can search this blog for “LHF” or “Peterson.”

So, two really good things….

  1. My website, http://www.lanecedarbox.com, led Greg to me – so it is serving its purpose. By the way, my site has had over 7,000 individual hits since it was launched.
  2. We now have the earliest date of a Lane miniature box – 1923! Almost 100 years old – Crazy!

Many thanks to Greg for sharing this information with me! Given Greg knows the original owner’s name, more research may reveal the name of the high school she graduated from which may lead us to the Lane dealer that may have distributed the boxes. Remember, in 1923, the Girl Graduate Plan was in its infancy and it wasn’t officially launched by Lane until many years later.

If Greg learns more, I will keep you updated.

Thanks for following along!

Until next time,


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