Oldest documented box so far!

Hi all! This box is up for sale on e-bay right now... This is a standard Tall Hasp with Feet box.  However, found on the bottom is this... And also this label - which I've numbered as 2.1 on my website, http://www.lanecedarbox.com. I googled Burcie Rains and found she was born in 1910 and died … Continue reading Oldest documented box so far!

Pricing Guide? Sales figures Dec 2019

Hi all! I visitor to my site recently asked me about the value of his box.  I referred him to this area of the site that talks about box valuation...https://www.lanecedarbox.com/copy-of-collectors-corner.   However, this got me thinking about perhaps providing a "Price Guide" on the site as a reference for the valuation of the Lane miniature boxes. … Continue reading Pricing Guide? Sales figures Dec 2019