Oldest Documented Box Follow-up

Hi all! I was the only bidder on the 1929 Tall Hasp box with Feet (THF) discussed in my last post and it has been added to the collection.  Unfortunately there isn't anything juicy to report about the box having inspected it carefully.  It's just like the other THF's I've seen. I thought I would … Continue reading Oldest Documented Box Follow-up

Oldest documented box so far!

Hi all! This box is up for sale on e-bay right now... This is a standard Tall Hasp with Feet box.  However, found on the bottom is this... And also this label - which I've numbered as 2.1 on my website, http://www.lanecedarbox.com. I googled Burcie Rains and found she was born in 1910 and died … Continue reading Oldest documented box so far!